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PhD Thesis


Simulation concurente de fautes comportementales pour des systèmes à évènements discrets : application aux circuits digitaux


The domain of concurrent fault simulation for digital circuits described at the RT-level is currently under heavy researches. The goal of these researches is to define a fast and efficient methodology for the validation of test patterns very early in the design flow. We propose a new approach for the modeling and the concurrent simulation of behavioral faults for digital circuits described in the VHDL language, using a discrete event approach. This methodology, based on the DEVS formalism, is implemented in a working prototype using the pythonDEVS tool, and experimental results show the correctness of our approach and the efficiency of our behavioral fault concurrent simulator called BFS-DEVS. The fault model used to validate our results is essentially based on the stuck-at fault model since a good simple stuck-at faults coverage rate implies a good real faults coverage rate.

Files (French version)

  • Thesis Report [pdf]
  • Associated Presentation [pdf]
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